Video Marketing Services


While custom written content can be a great asset for your digital marketing campaign, you should not overlook the value of multimedia solutions that will reach a wider audience with a lasting message. Video marketing services can be a key feature of your branding that encourages greater customer engagement and interaction, which has a greater impression than written content alone. There are a few ways that you can utilize video marketing for your business, and State Street Digital has a wide range of solutions to help you achieve the following goals.


Move Away from Conventional Advertising

Advertising with TV commercials is quickly becoming an artifact of the past, as people of all ages have shifted away from the cable TV model toward internet streaming services. By capitalizing on these streaming platforms, you can reach a broader audience with 15 second video pre-rolls and interactive video content. Not only are these solutions more cost-effective, but they also use a data-driven approach with audience targeting and cost-per-view models.


Gain More Customer Attention

Unlike conventional television advertising, web-based video presents opportunities for customers to engage with your company. What’s more is that the 15- and 30-second pre-roll video model has become expected by consumers, who are more likely to pay attention to your message. You can also utilize consumer demographic data or behaviors to place ads in front of relevant news clips, shows, and other types of video content.


Tell Your Brand’s Story

Video has endless opportunities for creativity, so you can do much more than simply sell products and services. With your own content and customer-created videos managed through your company’s YouTube page, you can share the story of your brand to forge a connection with consumers that instills a sense of brand loyalty.

State Street Digital can serve as your full-service video and social media provider to let you navigate the complex world of digital marketing with great success, regardless of the size of your business.

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