Targeted Email Marketing


Most people will check their email accounts at least once daily, and many consumers actively seek out offers in their inbox. That makes targeted email marketing a powerful tool for any business, especially because it is among the most affordable solutions for web marketing.


Targeted Email Marketing Solutions

Email marketing is highly adaptable to the needs of any business, and it is easily accessible without the need to invest in new software or content management systems. Below you can get a look at some of the common types of email marketing that you might utilize to build out your digital campaign.

  • New offers – One of the most effective ways to achieve conversions with email marketing is through new offers, which will incentivize consumers to take action. Targeted landing pages will drive up the effectiveness of these emails, since the offer will be readily available to a consumer who clicks on the link.
  • Form submission emails – Email marketing is not only a useful tool for increasing traffic to your site, but it can be valuable for following up on form submissions and purchases. These emails are often thought of as “Thank You emails”, and they might include receipts, digital content, or future offers that will be conveniently located in your clients’ inboxes.
  • Newsletters – Informative content is valuable across all platforms, so you might consider sending out a monthly or weekly newsletter that will keep clients informed about upcoming events, offers, and product launches.
  • Lead-building emails – One of the most tangible results of email marketing is new leads, which can be attained through lead nurturing emails, which often occur in a series with complementary offers and informative content based on previous conversions.


Proof in the Numbers

When you partner with the web marketing experts of State Street Digital, you can craft an email marketing strategy that gets you results. On average, email marketing has conversion rates three times that of social media, and it can yield a return on investment of up to $44 per $1 spent.

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