Social Media


Do you know what two thirds of Americans have in common? They have at least one profile on social networking sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube. With this high volume of users — who represent individuals of all ages and backgrounds—your business may be taking a hit by neglecting social media in your web presence.


Why Social Media Matters

It is clear that social media is more than a passing trend. About one quarter of time spent browsing by consumers is dedicated to social media, which is why you will want to have a presence that defines your brand. Keep reading to see the value of investing in social media management as part of your digital advertising strategy.

  • Customer Engagement – By setting up social pages and staying active with posts and consumer offers, you will give your customers a chance to engage with your business outside of your website and physical location. Offering unique and informative content on social media is integral for success in social marketing, as customers will want updates that relate to their daily lives. With this higher level of engagement, you might notice an uptick in brand loyalty and new customers.
  • SEO – Social media presence is one of the key factors that will influence your search engine rankings, so it is important to manage a variety of social accounts for your business and post regularly to stay current.
  • Brand Reputation – Social media also functions on an individual level, because consumers are more likely to trust and patronize a business that is present on social media. Plus, more than three quarters of consumers report that the social media posts of friends and family will influence their shopping habits and major purchase decisions. Therefore you will want to have a social presence so that you know what people are saying about your brand.

The right approach to social media can take a big investment of time and resources, but State Street Digital makes it easy to manage the social presence of your business with ethical practices and proven strategies to boost engagement.

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