What is Responsive Design


Responsive Website Design

Good website design is integral in gaining the attention of consumers and encouraging conversions that will boost your business. Part of effective web design is ensuring visibility and functionality on all platforms, from mobile to desktop. Responsive website design allows you to create a seamless browsing experience for your customers, as it incorporates an adaptive layout that will automatically adjust to the screen size and resolution of any device. In a world of smart devices and a heavy fraction of web traffic moving through mobile devices, responsive web design can be a critical asset for your business.


Understanding Consumer Browsing Habits

About 50.3% of ecommerce site traffic comes from mobile devices, and 60% of global mobile users use their smartphones as their primary internet source. Additionally, more than 90% of people have a mobile device within reach at all times. Therefore, your website should deliver a browsing experience comparable to that of a desktop but suited to handheld devices.


Perks of Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design not only allows you to reach customers where it matters most, but it also creates a simplified process of launching your site and making updates. Here’s a closer look at the distinctive perks of responsive design to consider:

  • Streamlined content management – With responsive web design, you can work through a user-friendly content management system that lets you make updates with ease.
  • Higher SEO rankings – Mobile accessibility is an important factor in SEO rankings, and responsive design will keep you covered when it comes to mobile site visibility.
  • Single platform updates –Separating your mobile site from your primary site is no longer a necessity, as that strategy will just create extra steps in the process when you want to update content. Responsive design utilizes a single platform to ensure consistent updates across all platforms.

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