Native Advertising


A well-rounded digital advertising campaign will include elements of overt advertising along with more nuanced solutions that offer something more to the consumer. Native advertising is an example of a less sales-driven approach that can raise your brand awareness and authority while engaging customers on platforms they already use.


Native Advertising vs. Custom Content

The terms native advertising and content marketing (with custom content) are often used interchangeably, but there are some fundamental differences in these strategies. Custom marketing utilizes brand-produced content that is posted on platforms that your business runs, e.g. your company website or Facebook page. Native advertising still utilizes custom content, but this content is designed to follow the editorial style of the platform on which it is posted. Magazines and newspapers are frequent venues for native advertising, where articles are written as informative pieces rather than direct advertisements for products or services. While these posts will have the transparency of a “sponsored content” label, they are intended to provide a seamless browsing experience for readers already on a given site.


A Growing Model

The model of native advertising has become significantly more popular over the past several years, because content is highly sharable and consistently boosts conversion rates for businesses. In fact, native advertising has become so common that native articles are making appearances on the covers of major publications, including Forbes Magazine, which notably ran a native advertisement as a cover feature early in 2015. Consumers are responding favorably to the trend of native advertising, as about 70% of individuals report that they would rather learn about products through native ads rather than conventional advertisements.

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