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While there may be less direct communication between consumers and business in the digital age, the art of customer service is not lost in the web based interface of ecommerce. In fact, customers are drawn to websites that offer customer service add-ons like live chat services, which will make it easy to speak with a representative to answer questions and offer shopping tips. Live chat is a frequently incorporated service for businesses large and small, and it may be what your site is missing if you are seeing low conversion rates with steady site traffic. More than half of online shoppers report that live chat is a desirable source of customer assistance, and there is an overall higher satisfaction rate with live chat than email and phone based solutions.


Live Chat Basics

Live chat support will position a chat button on your site where customers can type questions to a representative without leaving the current page. This integrated service ensures that customers get an immediate response anytime, and it can cut down on the cost of phone support, which can be off-putting for customers wanting to avoid waiting on hold and interrupting their shopping experience with a phone call.


Benefits of Live Chat

The key feature of live chat is its efficiency for customer communication. There are also custom elements—custom scripts, pay-per-performance pricing, and analytics reports—that may be incorporated into your chat services for an enhanced performance. Below you’ll get a closer look at the benefits of these components in the live chat model.

  • Customer convenience – Customer satisfaction should always be at the core of your marketing approach, and live chat ensures that customers will have convenience and positive experiences to keep them coming back.
  • Increased sales – Live chat can be a significant revenue booster, since it has the potential to increase conversions for customers who might be on the fence with buying decisions.
  • Insight on customer behavior – Chat tools that incorporate analytics and tracking will give you valuable insight on customer behavior and habits that can let you further refine your marketing approach.

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