Geo Targeting and Location Targeting


It is no secret that most consumers are almost permanently attached to their smartphones, never failing to leave the house without these devices in hand. That means that mobile marketing is more important than ever, but many businesses fail to offer more than a mobile website to drive up their mobile web traffic. Geo Targeting can be a big improvement to your mobile advertising strategy that targets users based on their current physical location with set GPS boundaries for hyper-localized deals that can lead to immediate conversions for a notable spike in sales.


Tapping into Mobile Accessibility

Because smartphones are readily equipped with GPS technology, which most users keep enabled at all times, geo and location targeting is a highly effective measure for reaching consumers who are geographically close to your business. To take advantage of this accessibility, you would set specific boundaries and timeframes to send out specific offers to smartphone users in a given area. Generally, this is done through text message offers, emails, and in-app advertising.


The Right Approach to Geo Targeting

Geo Targeting is a simple concept, but it requires the right touch to ensure success. The key to successful location targeting is to offer value and rewards for the consumer while avoiding an overly-invasive approach. Successful examples include reminders to pick up the dry cleaning, smart home control integration, and exclusive holiday sales with personalized targeting. When done right, location targeting is a highly valuable component of mobile marketing, because it encourages an immediate turnaround but can still offer helpful metrics for future campaigns. For example, mobile offers might provide insight on the effectiveness of window displays and other more conventional methods of advertising that do not have their own metrics built in.

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