Online marketing is not only about getting people to your site, but it is also about converting consumers from window shoppers into buyers. When individuals visit online stores, there is a relatively low conversion rate of only 2%. With retargeting, you are reaching out to the other 98% of visitors who have already visited your site without making a purchase. The focus of retargeting is to encourage visitors to return rather than driving up traffic to your site initially. This strategy can allow you to see a boost in your brand reputation, which will be paired with higher click-through rates and conversions.


What Is Retargeting?

Retargeting uses browser cookies to track visitors to your site and their activity. For those who do not convert on the first visit, ads are strategically placed on other sites to encourage a return to your site. With this method of advertising, consumers are consistently reminded of your brand, so they are more inclined to come back when they are ready to make a purchase.

Strong retargeting campaigns will target specific groups based on their browsing behavior and the products they are interested in. When selling luxury goods, for example, later retargeting will typically be more effective, since consumers will typically take the time to research these products and save up for a purchase. Alternatively, those seeking travel deals or seasonal items should be retargeted with a more immediate turnaround. In either situation, a clear call-to-action or promotional offer is essential for catching consumer attention. As part of a larger advertising campaign, retargeting may be an asset for your business, since it can promote positive branding beyond the initial introduction that may be offered by pay-per-click, native, and email marketing.

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