Audience Targeting


In the dynamic world of digital marketing, an adaptable marketing strategy is necessary to be seen and stay relevant. Producing ads that reach a specific audience is an integral component for success with digital marketing, and it can take the expertise of a professional marketing firm to target audiences with a high success rate.

Who Is Your Audience?

For years, audience targeting was based exclusively on cookie-based behavioral targeting, but more and more consumers will turn off cookies to protect their privacy and avoid third party interactions. Therefore, a more sophisticated approach is necessary to gain the attention of prospective consumers and hit a higher number of targets with your advertising investments, e.g. banner ads and email marketing. Here’s a quick overview of just a few of the strategies that will let you identify your target audience and produce ads that reach these individuals more effectively. These tools are closely related to IP targeting and retargeting techniques, which may also play into your campaign to offer a well-rounded approach that results in more page views and click-throughs.

  • Search behaviors – Search remarketing is an audience targeting strategy that uses keyword data and tracking to let you target individuals who are searching for specific terms but have not clicked on your site.
  • Affinity marketing – Affinity marketing clumps together different industries that may target individuals with similar interests to build a larger consumer base accessible to a handful of organizations and companies. This is a publisher data driven strategy that may offer insight on consumer spending data and web activity.
  • Lookalike advertising – The lookalike model of advertising is growing in popularity, as it identifies key characteristics of consumers to target new audiences who are likely to have similar spending patterns to known audiences.

Audience targeting is a highly specialized strategy that can involve a fair amount of guesswork without the right data and tracking. To ensure that your audience targeting is a low-risk solution for your business’s digital marketing campaign, connect with State Street Digital today.

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